What’s the official term for ‘grammar Nazi’?

Proofreader?  Dunno.  But I am one.  Reading through the Warhol Foundation’s Andy Warhol Biography, I found TWO grammatical errors.

"Operating out of a silver-painted, and foil-draped studio nicknamed The Factory, located at 231 East 47th Street, (his second studio space to hold that title), Warhol embraced work in film and video."

Whatchu doin’ there, little comma?  The comma after ‘silver-painted’ needs to go.  Commas go in lists—which comprise three or more objects—or in a comma-conjunction structure, which this is not.  All grammar rules (concerning the comma) are made to be broken, and in this case, there doesn’t need to be a comma before the ‘and,’ because said ‘and’ links two descriptive terms, not two independent clauses.

"Despite a brief self-declared retirement from painting following an exhibition of Flowers in Paris, Warhol continued to make sculptures (including the well known screenprinted boxes with the logos of Brillo and Heinz Ketchup) prints, and films.”

There needs to be a comma after the parenthetical.  Parenthetical phrases by their very nature can be lifted out of the text, and the sentence needs to be grammatically correct without it.  This sentence, without the parenthetical, reads, “…Warhol continued to make sculptures prints, and films.”  Yeah.  Needs a comma.

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